Thank to Mark Hamilton

Im climing the latters of stagnation jobs. I was adopt at 18month. Had a learning disablity in the 1st grade. Draw a picture in the third grade of my best friend dads petter belt. Its became my job. But my best friend pass from a house fire. In the 4th grade we had the 1979 bizzerd missed 40 days of school. I was a momas boy. But my mother the passed of cancer. We moved the k town in the sixth i was again held back. My aunt help me buy paying me a .25 for A .50 for B and .10 for C. She would set a do crossword puzzles. She get me about one hunderd picture puzzles i was on the honor role the rest of my year in school. When on to take Electronic for two years. Went on to service in the USMC 87 to 91 in desert sheild. Desert Storm. When to College for 1 yr and a half in Electronic. Ive been called a saint at drive and that i have Eagle eyes. Um just nice in manor. Ive been told i should of lived a rich life according to my birth rights. But ive learned a hard road to becaming a work aholic. I hope Neothink will unlock my remainder of my life. Thank to Mark to see high levels in my potention. I hope to found my sole mate and owen a weathy business. Raise a Denesty large family and teach them young to work with numbers and puzzles to a super neothink memory. To grow a weathy life for thier child to keep the tradion alive.

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Mark Changed my Life

I was working at the Kumon learning center in Hamilton, ON Canada. The work was unbearable as the owner is a slave driver and suffers severe mental problems. I was having a hard time and used to cry at home feeling hopeless. After meeting Mark Hamilton, my life changed. I became more positive and found a new job. I am much happy now.

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I just want to start by letting all know that I was a foster child & @ 18yr old had a very bad car accident. my life for 30yr was good in many respects but had a glass half full view in some views of my life. Now I have a very good connection with the awesome life that we all share & want the very best for all & am thankful to Mark Hamilton for all of his hard work & wish to be apart of his great endeavor, I maybe slow in my reading but understand the SOS & TVP, I also have seen the future is small but very positive ways & excited about the future.

Thanks to all that make this happen & with respect to Dr Frank R. Wallace


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Great advice

Mark Hamilton is The Best. Thank u so much for finding me. So far i agree with have read in my second book. I am going to do his advice. The books enlighted me. They are making a better versión of me. I truly support this society. I think that The mini days are awesome u truly finish moré tasks in ur day. I Also agree to wake up The Child within me. Since i am moré curious about my Work and personal life, i have been able to advance moré. I am Now reading The superpuzzle and i love it is really hard for me to stop reading to go to Work or sleep. Please continúe training me i truly need ur help. I have discovered The knowledge is power…

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Magical Prosperity

So what can Mark Hamilton and the Neo-think Society do for you? Well that is a question we all must discover for ourselves on this journey toward knowledge. I believe I can help you with the above question by telling my story. My story begins in Fall of 2009, the Neo-think society had a obtained a profile on me, back then the society was only open to members and their immediate families, I had been “adopted” into a family so to speak, that had no heir, little did I know my godfather was a society member.

Where exactly was I? I was stuck in a rut. I had a construction career I was very good at. I had finished a 4 year trade school in 2 years. I had maxed out my income and was just stuck by summer of 2009. I felt the need to do more, but had no idea why. I felt this need to become more, to do more with my life, to have more. I know you feel the same, Mark Hamilton and the society taught me that this is our human nature, to want to continue to grow and create more for others and ourselves. You see I felt deep in my soul something was missing; something great I was created to do with my life was waiting for me. I was happy, healthy and prosperous, but spiritually and emotionally I was dead. Do you know what I mean? It’s that empty feeling you have, you try to fill with just about anything you can find from religion, to love, to money, to service, etc.

Well fast forward to the present, with this literature I have found that my essence is healthcare. Utilizing techniques Mark Hamilton and other society members taught me I have begun to live what can only be described as a magical life of prosperity. Literally overnight, my reality changed, I went form that dead end construction career to studying my essence in healthcare in ONE DAY! I was fired and the same day, minutes later, I got a call from my current college offering me the opportunity to obtain my credentials. I am growing each and every day I work toward a new and exciting goal of founding a Neo-think oriented Hospital for the betterment of mankind’s health, wealth and peace. I am not yet rich, but I am wealthy beyond measure. I want to thank the Neo-think Society founders and Mark Hamilton for teaching me what it means to go from existing to living and thriving. If I were you I would give these teachings a try, Mr. Hamilton offered me a 100% money back guarantee when I paid to have my manuscripts printed, but I would not trade them for all the money in the world, for in them is a 3,000 year old secret, that brings any human willing to learn, from existing to creating, living and thriving. I so look forward to mentoring you and seeing you obtain the love of life and happiness I have.
With all love and sincerity,

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My Journey with Mark Hamilton.

Dear Mark Hamilton:

Thank you for hand chosen me as a loyal readers of your Neothink Manuscripts to join you where people live the lives they were meant to live, where all people become the persons they were meant to be. Honestly, I am feeling honored to be selected by you to join you on the foundation level, and you see the potential in me to blossom as a searchers. I want to experience my own ten-second miracles, and live my Friday-Night Essence. Thank you for I am humbled and greatful every day. I can not wait for my dreams to come true. All the way, Mark Hamilton.

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I have been told most of my life to just do what others do and follow along in the threatening sence.I am untombed today because I chose to create and to dare like it.Who can see the distinction between “CON” and “PRO”,and know that guide lining to infamy is what one doe’s while the other pro-tects from destruction?UNTOMBED!The future looks very very brite because of Mr.Hamilton and what he has to offer the world.I know that my studies independant of his work or my knowledge of his existence,will meld and UNTOMB the living.

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changed my way of thinking

Since i”ve became a member it has helped me in so many ways. How i”ve learned as an adult to change my way of thinking, its really awsome, mostly in strife and hard to deal with difficult situations, I”ve learned to dig deep into my soul, and to feel better about hard situations, and have developed a writing skill, how to put my and other peoples feeling onto paper, mostly poems, I beleive I have discovered my friday nites essence ! forgive my spelling ! Would love to share a poem i wrote with all of you, one I wrote (if you dont mind), I have been published and won a few awards!! blew me away, still cant beleive it!! here goes, it’s called “The Power From Within”… In through your dreams though impossible, things may seem someday somehow, you’ll get through, to the goal you have in view. Mountains may fall and the seas divide, before the one who is in his his stride, takes a hard road day by day, sweeping obstacles away. Beleive in yourself and in your plan, say not “I can not” but, “that I can”. The prizes in life we fail to win, because we doubt, “The Power from Within” ! thank you for letting me share that with you! hope it helps any of you, in any way!!

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Mr Mark Hamilton

All I can Say to you Sr, Thank you very much. All the Books are Great. Looking forward to meeting other members.

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My Dream finaly Become Real

I have been with the Neothink Society since 2007 up to this present time, and have just finish my Level 5 Meeting with Mark Hamilton. In my last meeting Level 4 Mark Hamilton had explain why we were pick or selected as Neothink Secret Society want us to do things different to other members in the past. As Mark had voice to some of the Level 4 members concern to in house attack by other members which had them stop posting any news or idea they have due to the personal attack within our Society. I had to agreed with Mark Hamilton that the member who had worry about the in house attack, please use it as your” Fire Starter”, I do the same just as what happen at work. For all the “Negative attack on me from other work mate or managements”, I use it as my motivation to push myself ahead of them, to show them that I can be better then any of them and will do my job to the best of my ability that only a outsider can give me a reply or a comment to how I do and deliver my service to them.

As of last year 2010 I made a promise that I will change my life and work situation by starting up my own business in the New Year 2011 which I have follow through as my dream become real. I have find my “FNE”, Friday Night Essence I am using what I have done in my past or lost child of the past, Is using what I believed in and one service I have done since I was only 10 to 14 years old I was already proactive in working out on how to make money by going out to CBD district and picking up all the empty drink bottle and taking them home wash them and re selling them back to company who make our soft drink bottles. At the time they were about 15 cent each bottle I and my other best friends would have nearly 12 grates or boxes of 24 empty bottle’s which would have paid us about $36.00 for 24 bottles at the time was lot of money. From that i start working at a Service station which i learn how to fixed punctured tires for cars and motor bikes and I love helping the poor people which was one of my past time nature. Now with my new business which I have use my skills and knowledge from my work at this present time and the past to get out of my routine stagnant job to a better life opportunity. I have register my company this year by the middle of January and so far it starting to build up as I slowly promote my service to the poor and those who I know are abuse by police and those who work in government that discriminate others by their color or country where they come from. I have first hand experience of it and is now building my service in a area that I know will become very big before the end of this year. I am still working with my full time job and using it as part of my mini day work system until I know it time to let go and fully stick to my own business. AS I read my Anabelle stories book it really open up my mind and I can see my vision into the future and my direction which I feel a very powerful Feeling of Power and Direction which I have just finished Chapter 9 and still on going with more stories. The book is really good as it your path to your future as it really help you see things Clear and better. That why I can now understand why Mark Hamilton want to stand back and let other senior members in our Secret Society take over as he had explain in our Level 5 Meeting the time and effort he had to do with his lawyers to make our Life very good all Over the World, has taken a lot on him and his family too.

Mark also mention about members relationship breaking down and he will address them in next month meeting. I can understand other members having this problem as my wife also think that I am very mad and become like other Cult Club that kill or murder their follower’s. I just laugh at my wife and nicely tell her that We are not a Nut or Lunies people, We don’t create Hate,attack on government, or any of those mad things she think we do. I show her my book and let her see that all we do is promote peace and make people of all back ground become Rich and they can be there own Boss or run their own company or business. That what we do and nothing else. I know the government here monitor my emails as this was suppose to be two weeks ago, but just got it today almost 3 week now. It okay as I was able to do my Level 5 Meeting, and the best thing is even if you miss out on any level meeting you can always go back to it and follow through again. That what I do which I find is very good and it does help you out if you think you are lost, just go back to Level 1 to Level 4 and you will find your way through front door again and your future will “Shine on You “, just like what happen to me now. I have got things working so far I got 4 customers in the following manner;
(1) Customer One- Got 1 police matter and 1 VCAT matter dispute with Real Estate Agent.
(2) Customer Two- Got 2 police matter
10-Court Warrants
25- Council matters
20 -Council Warrants.
(3) Customer Three- 3 police matters
2- Council matters
(4) 4 police matters
2- VCAT matters Consumers Rights,

This just show you how fast my business has started and I can see it will grow very big and I might become as one of the best Defense Counsel in Court for the poor and those who are abuse by people in government department and authority. To the member who was attack, please don’t let this minor matter stop you from what you feel and want to do. Keep up your good work and if you want to contact me always look at this comment. When Mark Hamilton send his email to me about him standing back, I feel sad at first but I know that Mark Hamilton got a bigger Vision for All Of Us and He must focus his time and effort on it. I always support Mark Hamilton work and can see his vision. You only had to read his book about Annabell it will open up your mind and your future. That it folks I am getting tired it almost midnight here in Melbourne I have been on the computer since 3;00p.m. to 12;00a.m. God Bless America and All Secret Society members, NTW members, TVP members.


Ignatius Akaruru

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