Testimony: From the date of October 29, 2002 til now has been an experience that I have never forgotten. On the above date I was involved in a brutal car accident that literally cost me my life. Suffered from a server brain trauma that resulted in some present physical aliments. Mentally, I was trapped in a drunken stupor that resulted in my veggie state. I sought help from “authorities” of vocational rehab and was DENIED from the moment I gave them a social security number and name(for reasons I know not of)and was forced to go through the autopoietic/cognitive process myself! One glorious day 3 years later I was discovered by the Neothink Society, and a doctor that DID NOT DENY ME any help. I was diagnosed and given a cure to my mental illness via literature and mentoring that stimulated the results of the incident although the physical state required day-to-day healing that I am responsible for via my determined rational actions toward self. I needed “professional” help and tried to use money I paid out via taxes to Social Security and was denied 3 times in attempts to receive temporary insurance. Its 2011 now and I feel awesome omitting the major glitch I go through when trying hard thinking and long distance walks, I come to know that it truly has changed my life and if I didn’t get that invite It would have been better to have died on that Intensive Care Unit bed.

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  1. Kayln Keen says:

    Brandon, you’ve had it rough since the incident. But I can’t believe those “authorities” you speak of from vocational rehab were neglecting your need for their services. Their reputation should definitely go down the drain, people should know about them and must be cautious of them. I hope you’re doing find now.

  2. Brandon says:

    Thanks Pat. The Neothink Society and its gifted members are an influence, a positive influence that supports/encourages strength. Glad to have not given up and will continue to press forward the power and honesty from what has been given to me… have a productive day and stay strong.

    With Love,

    Brandon White

  3. Pat Stanfill says:

    Brandon, Welcome my NT brother, Glad you made the journey to NT. Sorry you went through so much with the A.C. We have great people in NT that I am sure you are meeting everyday. Enjoy the rest of your time as you have already gone through enough that you did not deserve. Your NT sister, Pat

  4. Brandon White says:

    Thanks Maria, its an awesome discovery and being able meet exceptional people like yourself is wonderful.

  5. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    Dear Brando, you are a amazing person and I am very impressed for your progress in life. I admired your tenacicity and I feel very happy you have found The Neothink Society.
    People in The Neothink Society is incredible full of honesty and willing to help. Like you said thi is a Real Change.

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