SOS has changed my life!

6291_b_bckoMack here with my story.

At one time I was helping my 20 year son explore what type of home based business he might start to generate some extra income while attending Jr. College. I must have filled out 100 forms providing my name and email address to get the information I desired. Then one day a letter showed up in my mail box. Not my email, but my postal mail box (snail mail). The letter was from some guy by the name of Mark Hamilton (author of SOS Secrets).

Within the content of his letter he told me that he believed in me, that I had hidden talents and that I could become a valuable asset to the Society of Secrets. He went on to explain that that there were local clubhouses when I could go and meet others of like mind.

Well, I have to tell you that I have been a Corporate Executive for more that 20 years and figured that I knew more than this guy!  I have also had many mentors (and still do) because none of us can know everything.

But… I have an open mind and Mark Hamilton provided some other information in this letter that intrigued me. So I thought what the heck… it’s a small investment and I always look to improve myself.

I believe that the first thing you do is to continually learn, grow and invest in continuing self improvement.

All I can say is the information contained in the literature is life changing. I am ten times more productive, I can see what others cannot and I learned how to create more value for my business environment. I have attended several local clubhouse meeting and have met some incredible people from all walks of life, including multi-millionaires.

Since I received the first book, I have two thriving businesses, one related to elder care and another internet based business (the one my son wasn’t interested in) these business create five  figure monthly income while I actually work about four hours a day.  I’m creating value and jobs in two recession proof businesses.

I could go on with this post for every, but all I can say is Mark Hamilton and The Society of Secrets has taken me to new heights, beyond what I thought was possible.

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  1. Derrick Davis says:

    I’ve gotten the first Society of Secrets book with the letter of wisdom. I don’t know why but my sister or mother threw away the piece of paper that had my member number password and the second book. Can somebody telk me the second third and fourth book in the order they come in so I can order all of them when I get done reading them

  2. joe harris says:

    i was contacted about a year and a half ago and i have been able to purchase 4 of the books. after my last and what seamed to be the most promising i have heard nothing my life has turned upside down and i have little to no income mostly accredited to the bad choices i have made in mates however i am looking to resolve that issue very soon i be-leave in the society and very much wont to see where it can lead me. having been raised up in states custody i have not had much guidance or influence in my life and strongly seek the encouragement of those that have exceeded and excelled in life’s adventures i have always be-leaved that i was meant to do and be better then i currently exibit now.

  3. James Linekin ,I got the manual.Its not mumbo jumbo.I see the wisdom and it is smart to implment.It was eorth the vslue.I’d like to meet Mark,the Nyc club locals and attend meeting purposed with success.I want to meet these types of people.

  4. carlos joya says:

    I am a member but I don’t know what’s it all this abou it don’t ansderstand

  5. I am also a member of the society of secrets-Neothink.
    I now own my a homebase business called

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