The Neothink Secret Society, Like Being Touched By an Angel

Years ago, I used to go to rescue missions and homeless shelters to minister the love of God to those in life that have suffered so much. To those that needed to be touched with something more than the harsh realities of the streets and the hardships of being homeless. I was in college living with missionaries during those years and would assist them in their ministry since I paid little to nothing in rent. I saw it as a way for me to help those that needed it most.

You see, I was also a homeless child having been put out by my parents at the age of 12. Because I could relate to the pain of the homeless lifestyle, I knew that if I could share a little love and care with those whom had been rejected in society as I was, perhaps then for a brief moment in time those people could be lifted up and feel that they were valued as people through the honesty of my love for them.

After I finished my education I had become successful in life. I still lived for truth, love, and honesty, but I realized as time went by it was becoming increasingly more difficult to find truth and honesty, much less sincere love and compassion between a man and his neighbor. I silently died a little each day inside, almost becoming like a non-feeling drone so that I would not have to continue to look at and see the dishonesty and callousness in the modern world around me.

I turned off my desire for life. I became, as it were, simply a nine to fiver. When I received an invitation from the Neo-Tech Society of Secrets to become a part of a New World of Renewed Hope and Prosperity I peeked out of the shadows just enough to see My Dawn of a New Day. I read three remarkable books authored by Mark Hamilton and Dr. Frank R. Wallace, and the insights gained through those readings have revitalized and renewed my Life.

My Society of Secret membership has lifted me up above the darkness of dishonesty and doubt and has empowered me to rise up above the emptiness of the value destruction in this world. I feel as though I have been touched by an angel and given a message of renewal that has returned to me my LIFE! Mark Hamilton’s writings are like manna from heaven feeding a starving world with the enlightenment and empowerment of truth and value creation, thus enabling a renewed life prospective for all.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, I AM eternally grateful.
M.M. in California

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16 Responses to The Neothink Secret Society, Like Being Touched By an Angel

  1. Trampas says:

    The information from the NeoThink books have helped open my eyes about the world we live in. The information from the Society turned out to be a great value in my life. It truly was an education for me.

  2. ty says:

    i have experienced the same however, there is a problem i inherited the books and i have limited additions and i cant find anyone to tlk to about these secrets i have many questions and need very much help

  3. kelebogile oatweng says:

    realy this changed my life it so amaizing ,i feel like guided by angels in my all situations,,thanks an keep it up,,u ar my trustee.

  4. kelebogile oatweng says:

    i thank you for selecting me to join by mail ,an i bought some books,,i m always happy an i need more like ten seconds secrets cause i want to be seen somewhere ..i m from Botswana.

  5. Julie says:

    It really does make a difference, it is so clear, there is nothing I have read before that has reached me on this level.

  6. antione claiborne says:

    I was invited by a member in 2008, I dont know who but I accepted the invitation, I receivedmy book #1026504589. I was told that letters would follow of secret meeting and talking to other members. We’ll I have moved and lost contact with the society and desperate ly want to continue my contact and membership with them but I have not been able to reach anyone to give my new address and number. If there is someone who can help me regain contact in anyway please do so. Even if I have to be invited again into the society. My name is Antoine C. thanks

  7. robert case .uk says:

    hi i have read the NT discovery and NT world ,after receiving the orientation booklet and invitation from the society i have discovererd all the advantages in these books have changed the way i look at the world .i now look with a connected cosmic universal logic way of thinking instead of a blind stupid mystical sense of everything .objective reasoning is the way forward and also using the 114 advantages in your daily life when ever possible ,i hope the world wakes up one day so we can all live in harmony and forever in this world.not in the imagination but the real world !move forward in business ,romance and proserity and dont feel guilty!as for the mystical world we live in, the burden of proof will eventually catch it up .then the world will catch up with the rest of our universal ancestors and live in harmony forever!! regards rob.

  8. Steven says:

    I have the first and second of three books by Mark Hamilton and absolutely love the ideas. As far as the displacement of God in my life, I believe his ideas actually help me understand that we are intaties of God. An idea I’ve always known since I was a child. I’m a believer in Christ and believe he was delivering that message to the world then. I believe religion displaces God for so many of us to keep us from realizing the truth. A God man is what I truly strive to be. Thanks Mark

  9. aaron king says:

    i have read some of the comments on the subject of our way of thinking.and while i must commend all on the breakthroughs most seem to be experiencing.i will plant this seed never stop yearning to focus on the BIG PICTURE .When you create you are bringing something into this world that did not exist before.Our minds were designed to absorb and create from that absorbsion. Ironicly it’s how adults should play.By using your minds.To build a puzzlea the world has never seen.i call it heaven on earth in my lifetime.

  10. Reginald Anderson says:

    What does the Neothink Society say about the existence and belief in GOD?

  11. scott says:

    I believe in God and Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, but I believe that his message has been distorted and used to control and cause people to often live in guilt and fear. I have not read the Inner Secrets Book by the Neothink Society but I feel from the research I have done, it may help change my perception of the world around me and open my eyes to the good in God. I want to be the best I can be, but I have allowed addictions to control my life because of past failures and little hope or knowledge of how to change my life. I wish I could read this book, but I do not want to lose my belief in God, which I know is real. I have seen God’s power. I am just curious about the information that seems to be helping people become more productive and positive. SAW

  12. Michael says:

    Humanity has enough global concensus, that is now educated enough to collectively know the importance of moving evolutionarily forward if we, as a species, are to survive… Let alone achieve the valuable consideration of creating a world of peacefulness and cooperative harmony, here on what’s left of this beautiful planet Earth. Many old influential organizations have been very successful in promoting their (ultimately non-helpful) agendas through their religious literature and political influences. Entire societies have been shaped and maintained under their well-established control methods. While there really have been ‘many exceptional people’ who have worked hard to make a wonderful difference in the lives of the needy; but the problems which are caused by their styles of thinking are still causing over-population, wars, and unnecessary divisions in our World’s Societies. The Neothink information is definitely worth the read. It provides for each of its readers a healthy level of challenge and information that could help move humanity in a better direction for its future. Bye for now. MSH

  13. Walter says:

    Purchased Neothink products from 1992 through 1996. It made my problem solving skills much better. What is the Neothink Secret Society?

  14. Tipsie says:

    yeah when I first started reading the Neothink books it has really changed my life too, to the point where I do not get depressed anymore, and I use some of the techniques that they had to my everyday life. But as far as God goes I am going to always believe in him because he has showed me that he is real too many times for me to deny.As far as everything else in the books are very helpful, and useful. It will really help you to overcome stress, and help you manage ypur duties in a much better way.

  15. charlie says:

    hi i to is reading the neo tech it has chang my life it is the best thing that has happen to me im glad that i was pick by a member? by some one i dont know who?good luck to you cheers

  16. Dandre Val-Dorian Leach says:

    I have read the booklet “The Greatest Kept Secret of All Time!” booklet #1 want info for Bk#2 and the Book of inner secrets.

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